Firmware EM1.16 is released

I created 2 patitions for my MZ3 hard disk, one is NTFS and the other is FAT32.

I copy all my collections to NTFS partition without 4GB for one single file limitation. Also, I use MZ3 as a USB hard disk for my other device which only supports FAT32 file format.
I noticed when switch between two partitions while viewing JPEG file, the screen is kind of funny, Emprex engineer send me firmware version EM1.16 seems solve the problem.

Give it a try if you have the same issue.

Link to download....


Share your converting utility with others

What if you have downloaded a video which is not playable by MZ3 ?
Converting the video to playable format should be done first, but which utility is free and efficient ? Share your experience with others at MZ3 Google Groups, link to


Good news for Win98SE user

If you are still using Win98SE system, then you will love it. Emprex official released Win98SE driver for MZ3.

Go to the link...........


Enjoy slideshow with music background

Do you know you can watch slideshow and playback music in the same time ?
There are two way to do so, the first one playback the selected photo and music folder, the 2nd one plays all photo in the hard disk with top 25 songs playback in sequence.(sorted by file name)

1st method :
1. Enter into [File] menu.

2. Select the music folder and press SET key, then move to photo folder and press REC key, slideshow will start with music playback.

2nd method :
1. Enter into 
[Photo]  menu.
2. Press
REC key. 


How to speed up browsing and searching ?

I installed a 500GB Seaget hard disk and loaded with all my media collection.(Almost full).
Finding a media with preview enabled  would slowdown the rolling speed due to system is loading file for preview.
So what I do is to disable preview function and search media from File menu instead of photo or video menu.
Just press DISPLAY key in File menu will switch between preview ON and OFF.

How to install hard disk into MZ3

Unbox MZ3 and check the content

Installing the HDD into MZ3

1. Remove remote control

2. Unscrew the HDD frame from the bottom (2 screws)

3. Pull out front panel with HDD frame

4. Connect the data cable and power cable to HDD

5. Put HDD in the frame

6. Screw HDD with the frame (4 screws)

7. Slide the HDD frame in

8. Screw HDD frame from the Bottom (2 screw)

9. Done


A good entry level AV enclosure

MZ3 is a entry level AV enclosure, very easy to setup. Just install a SATA hard disk and connect it to PC through USB connection to download all your favority media (movie/photo/music), then connect with TV with a AV or component cable, that's ! Enjoy it !